About Small World Child Care - Nerang - Carrara

About Small World Childcare at Nerang CarraraNerang Childcare 6:30am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday
Cararra Childcare  5 Learning Environments
Nerang Childcare Providing education & care from 6 weeks to 6 years
Cararra Childcare All meals provided
Nerang Childcare Government approved Kindergarten Program with Qualified Early Childhood Teacher


Small World provides healthy and appetising menu for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea which is included in the daily fees. All children are provided with a with a warm, nutritious and culturally appropriate freshly cooked  lunch and dessert. Children are offered milk during morning tea and water is encouraged during the day.

Our menus are constructed from resourcing current information on daily and dietary requirements and recipes from recognised organisations, suggestions from families and the knowing taste buds from the children at our service.  Families need to discuss with the service any special dietary/cultural requests or requirements that their child may have, so that these can be accommodated for. The weekly menu is displayed in our foyer, for parents and the community to view and is changed weekly.  Parents are invited to join us at any time for lunch, and recipes served are available from our service.  View a Sample of our Menu HERE

Our Beliefs & Values

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Small World Child Care believes all children should feel a sense of belonging, of being comfortable and have a sense of ownership within their environment and community.  We believe the rights of the child are paramount in their overall development.  We believe through play children explore, experiment, enjoy and discover their physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them. We believe each child has the right to feel safe, secure, loved, respected and be acknowledged as the unique individuals they are.  We believe promoting attachment is of high importance and a secure attachment provides a safe base for challenge, exploration and confidence building and providing continuity of care throughout their journey with our service.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Small World believes that all children are successful, competent and capable learners, that they display their own uniqueness and this is nurtured throughout our service by our caring and attentive qualified educators by delivering a developmentally appropriate and stimulating environment for your child.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs We believe all children should be provided with encouragement and guidance to reach their own set aims, goals and achievements in their own time and space,

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Small World Child Care  has embraced the National Quality Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework and the Kindergarten Program & truly believes a partnership between our families & our service culture will ensure consistency between practices at home and our environment.   We believe our role as early childhood educators is to foster development for future education. We believe that school aged children should have their own place within the environment where they are free to follow their interests and learning in their own time and space.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Small World believes in partnership with families and respect the wealth of knowledge each family has to contribute to their child’s learning.  We promote family participation in the learning environment and the diversity that each family’s customs and culture offer our curriculum.  We will foster effective partnerships with families through open and honest communication, developing a good rapport and showing respect for beliefs, customs and values. We value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and promote acceptance and tolerance for different beliefs, providing many different experiences for the children to become involved as we all recognise the difference and uniqueness of us all.  We place a high emphasis on family and community involvement throughout our service, building secure and positive relationships with all our families and community as we work together to maintain the familiarity between  home, their environment, community and their Childcare setting.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs We believe in embedding and maintaining sustainable and recycling practices and procedures throughout our service involving children in discussions and ways we can care for and look after our environment and world around us. Children participation and learning in regards to sustainable and recycling practices  is encouraged   through our compost and recycling bins, herb and vegetable gardens, avoiding unnecessary use of power and water usage and water from children's drink bottles are recycled in the gardens at the end of their day, which they enjoy doing themselves.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs We believe continual education, and the updating of skills and knowledge is imperative to ensure the optimum of care is provided to the children whose safety, wellbeing and education are entrusted to us.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs We believe we are privileged to be a part of each child’s life and share in their growth and development.  It’s exciting to know we have contributed to a child’s life; whether big or small we have an impact on their learning.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Small World will participate, liaise & acquire current industry trends to become a service of wisdom & excellence continually striving to extend our practices and knowledge.

Nerang Childcare Beliefs Providing quality early education and childcare for families in Nerang, Carrara and surrounding areas since 1989.